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My name is Richard and I’ve been living in Japan since 2008. I love to travel and for years I’ve used food blogs to help me plan my travels. I started Taste Tokyo because I wanted to make a Tokyo Food Blog that was more than just a Japanese Food Blog. If it’s delicious and in Tokyo, I’ll find it.

Taste Tokyo Food Blog

I’m here to help you find the best non touristy restaurants in Tokyo so you can eat like a local. I’m here to help you figure out what to do when there is no English menu in Tokyo. I want to help you find the best neighborhoods in Tokyo for foodies. Got questions? Just ask.

If you’re wondering why on earth you should care what some random American thinks of Japanese food I dont blame you. My partner of the past 10 years was born just outside of Tokyo and has taught me everything I know about food in Tokyo. Like most Japanese people he is obsessed with every aspect of a meal and thinks about food in ways that I never imagined. He’s taught me everything I know about this city. I started this blog at first as a way to keep a record of where I could take friends when they visited Tokyo. Then I just keep going. This is a resource and I hope it helps to shed some light on all that the world’s most populous metropolitan area has to offer.

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  1. Yebisu and fresh seafood?? All in!

    1. Next visit for sure 🙂

  2. Deep fried mackerel? Oh yeah!

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