Best Italian Food in Shinbashi with a cheap wine menu

Ore No Italian in Shinbashi is busy. They only let you spend two hours at the table before letting the next group in. Which probably has a role in how they keep their wine prices down. No lingering over a bottle while you soak up the atmosphere. Shinbashi is famous for being a “salaryman” neighborhood and with people clocking off from the early evening til well past 9PM there are always people waiting to be seated here. There food is exceptional, their wine list carefully planned and not overly long. Their prosecco prices start at 18USD. Which comes to about 3 USD a glass. So book ahead, this place is awesome and serves up some of the best Italian food in Shinbashi.

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Ore No Italian Otoshi – a small snack served in exchange for the table charge which is common in Tokyo – chorizo, savory cookies and Parmigiano Reggiano

Choosing Restaurants in Shinbashi – A baffling ordeal

There are so many restaurants in Shinbashi. The area gets a huge amount of foot traffic after 6PM and there are options for everyone. The stupefyingly busy Yamanote train line tracks run through the heart of Shinbashi. If you leave Shinbashi station headed north and follow the elevated tracks you will eventually wind up in the Glitzy Ginza District. The streets alongside the tracks as well as directly below the tracks are a non stop parade of restaurants. You’d be hard pressed to find a cuisine that isn’t represented in some form in this area. Some are clearly owned by large corporate entities and a bit too slick for my taste. Others are packed to the brim with locals clinking glasses with menus that are printed daily. These are always the best places. This wouldn’t be the best Italian in Shinbashi without ticking all the boxes.

Living Menus

Menus that are poorly printed and protected by a well used sheet of plastic are always a good sign. If you want to serve the freshest meat and vegetables then your menu needs to be update frequently to reflect the best you have on offer that day. I shun cold, permanent looking menus. Give me a cheap print out in plastic any day. They also get bonus points for having some simple English explanations on the menu.

Best Italian Food in Shinbashi Play by Play

Cheers! Start off with some of the 18USD prosecco. They have fancier available but to get on my list of the best Italian food in Shinbashi they need to have a decent house bubble. Which they do. So cheers to you for using food blogs to plan your trips.


Ham and cheese. It’s not rocket science. That’s burrata in the bowl. A type of mozzarella stuffed with creamier mozzarella. Like a cheese twinkie. It’s one of the best things that has ever happened. There is actually a ramen restaurant in Tokyo that serves it as a topping on their ramen. Due Italian.

Ore No Italian Bismarck Pizza

It wouldn’t be the best Italian food in Shinbashi without pizzas. I have wasted so much of my life eating pizzas that did not come with a slow cooked egg on top. Bismarck Pizzas are incredible. When a pizza comes topped with truffle sauce and porcini mushrooms it’s time to put away the pineapple and jalapeno and just accept that you will never have better. The dough on this pizza was incredible, perfectly chewy and there for you when it was time to mop up egg yolk and truffle sauce. It was also only 8USD. So order more wine.

Best Italian food in Shinbashi – Plonk!

I come from a country where wine either costs three dollars and splits your skull open or it costs 60 dollars and makes you feel out of your league. I love Japan for the simple fact that their wine menus are never overly long and they always have cheap bottles, mid range bottles and higher end bottles but rarely do you ever see options for above 60 USD. Which is where bottles seem to start at any decent restaurant where I’m from. Here the menu is divided between bubbles, white, red. Simple enough. Then each category is divided between 18 USD, 25 USD and 40 USD with ample options for each price range. SO SIMPLE. They also have a daily sommelier recommendation written on a chalkboard. It’s in Japanese but at least you know you are in good hands.

Izakaya Style Dining

It may be obvious by now that we do not order individual plates here. I think individual servings are unappealing to most Japanese for dinner time. We eat Izakaya style here. It’s more fun to eat a little bit of a variety of things as opposed to a giant plate of over cooked pasta with marinara sauce that is sweet for some reason. That’s right, I said it. That being said, it was time for a group stead. You can order steaks by the gram here. They had run out of t-bones when we ordered so we settled for the L bone. Never get disappointed or upset when they run out of foods at a good restaurant. Rest assured in the knowledge that they didn’t just slap something frozen on the grill. Fresh things sell out, move on.

Patatine Fritte

Just because it is the best Italian food in Shinbashi doesn’t mean we’re above some french fries. Especially when they come topped in Italian anchovies. I like my fish salty and my patatine fritte well oiled. Don’t knock it until you try it.

Uni Pasta – Sea Urchinn

Wikipedia Sensei describe Sea Urchins as a “spiny, globular animal”. I’m sold. Aside from stinging the crap out of surfers feet they have delicious gonads. See the orange bits in the pasta? Those are chunks of uni, sea urchin gonads mixed in with a tomato cream sauce with fettucine and fresh tomato and basil. Absolutely fantastic. Uni tastes like butter that was made in the ocean. It’s also eaten as sushi or sashimi. Outside of the coast of Southern France I doubt you’ll find this anywhere cheaper than you would in Tokyo. Uni is a must try for a trip to Japan.

Tiramisu – Throwing in the towel

The pasta sent us over the edge. We ordered some more wine and a tiramisu to call it quits. I love eating western foods the way they are served up in Tokyo. You get to try so many different things. Even the dessert is shared. 4 USD for a decent sized, boozy chunk of tiramisu. The perfect ending to a night at Ore No Italian.

Italian Food in Tokyo

Most people would never go to New York and only eat American Food. Or London and only eat British Food. Eel pies and Spotted Dick sound delicious but who can say no to a curry? Tokyo though. If you’re visiting Tokyo wouldn’t it be best to eat Japanese food every night? It depends on how long you’re here I suppose. There are definitely some MUST try Japanese foods if it’s your first time in Japan. There is just so much food here though. According to Trip Advisor Tokyo has more Italian restaurants than New York. It’s fun to have something familiar presented in a very different style. A giant bowl of pasta served with tongs and a set of smaller plates for everyone to share? Sign me up. Sea Urchin tomato cream? Just try and stop me.

If you’re Still thirsty after dinner than walk a bit north along the tracks to Ginza 300 Bar Next. They serve a huge range of cocktails all for 2.50 USD and use top shelf booze. Awesome place, very busy. Check them out here.

Best Italian Food in Shinbashi – Ore No Italian

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